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IT Cleaning Limited have been trading since May 2002, with offices in London and Swindon. We are specialists in the cleaning of IT equipment and infrastructure plus Technical Broadcast Equipment Cleaning. From Data Centres Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning, Server Cleaning, IT Equipment Cleaning, Studios, Gallery’s, Edit Suites etc, and Comms Room Cleaning to PC’s on desk.

Since our inception we have been at the forefront of data centre cleaning. We specialise in data centre cleaning, server room cleaning, communication room cleaning, IT equipment cleaning and Broadcast Equipment Cleaning like MCR’s Edit Suites, Galleries etc.

IT Cleaning is managed by dedicated individuals who understand the intricate processes required for successful Data Centres Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning, Comms Room Cleaning and Server Room Cleaning. Our staff are trained for cleaning this type of equipment and infrastructure. They are issued with the most up to date equipment, are well motivated and have many years experience of Data Centre Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning, Comms Room Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning and PC Cleaning. We also have a vast knowledge of Broadcast Technical Cleaning cleaning for some of the largest broadcasters in the UK.

We use HEPA filtered vacuum technology to remove dust from rooms. We also use HEPA filtered air scrubbers to remove particulate (dust) from the air during cleaning, so any dust we force airborne is removed from the air. This allows us to meet our stringent cleaning specification of ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8 or better plus all accessible surfaces free from dust.

All IT Cleaning Ltd’s staff are SC cleared for government work and carry CSCS to at least operative level for work on construction projects. We have contracts in place from Stornoway to Truro so are truly a nationwide supplier.

IT Cleaning are ISO 9001, 14100, 27001 and CHAS Elite Accredited and we are signed up to the CIS Scheme (Construction Industry Scheme). Having the correct insurance in place is very important for Data Centre Cleaning etc. Normal cleaners insurance will not cover this type of cleaning.

Data Centres are the heart, backbone and brain of your organisation’s infrastructure, this mission critical environment represents a large investment for most companies.  IT industry research has concluded that up to 70% of data/server room related breakdowns are caused by dust and other debris. The environment is the source of this dust. Data Centre Cleaning is the most cost effective way of removing Dust from YOUR environment. IT Cleaning Ltd are able to offer data centre cleaning and validation of Data Centre Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning, Comms Room Cleaning and Server Room Cleaning to  ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8 standard (or better) plus all accessible surfaces free of dust. This specification is the current best practice for data centre cleaning, data room cleaning, comms room cleaning and server room cleaning, and offers an achievable specification which can be recorded and certificated, to prove the room is clean. Companies Like Cisco, Oracle, Dell and Sun are now suggesting that their equipment is housed in clean environments, and if equipment fails due to dust contamination warranties may be void. ISO 14644-1 has recently gone through a number of changes. ISO 14644-1 1999 has been withdrawn and replaced by ISO 14644-1 2015. The changes to ISO 14644-1 are described click herePlease ensure any certificate issued to you after cleaning is in line with ISO 14644-3 2015 or it may not be valid, example all sample location must be recorded and reported to you. This was not the case on ISO 14644-1 1999.

IT Cleaning Ltd are able to offer professional managed services for all your IT Technical Cleaning and Contamination Control needs, including, Pre Construction Protection of Equipment,  Post Construction Cleaning to ISO 14644 Class 8 and if required we offer an IT Equipment Cleaning service. We are fully insured for data room cleaning including Public/Product Liability to £10 million, with Airside cover and £3 million of Professional Indemnity.  Our staff are all direct employees, some are security cleared for government/MOD work, carry CSCS cards and are trained to work to proven methods, using the best available equipment and materials. We have contracts in place from Stornoway to Truro. Making IT Cleaning Ltd a truly Nationwide Provider. We carry out Data Centre Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning, Comms Room Cleaning Server Room Cleaning  in all industry and government sectors. From Large Tier 4 Data Centres to small Comms Rooms we have successfully cleaned them all.

The objective of us cleaning your critical environment is to isolate and remove harmful contaminants from the subject area, reducing the overall settled and airborne particulate levels. There by minimising the chance of contamination related failures or performance issues. Our scope of works is designed to ensure we meet or exceed the IT industry cleanliness standards.” Stephen Yates MD.

IT Cleaning Ltd can offer video survey and cleaning. This is useful for surveying and cleaning spaces like ceiling voids, high level and under floor voids especially in hard to see areas like under cabinets. This technology assists us when cleaning under cabinets, we can be much more careful using the video camera and screen to see the dust and remove it whilst avoiding cables etc. The Camera is mounted on the vacuum cleaning brush the screen is mounted so the operator can see it and any dust, he can then remove the dust safely, even in areas where it is difficult to see normally.

For a free site survey or further information please contact Stephen Yates 0870 0052581 or stephen.yates@itcleaning.co.uk

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I have been using IT cleaning for 6 years in the IT equipment areas of 20 year old legacy data centres, from underfloor to high level. They have continually provided a high quality clean at cost effective price. I have always found them to be flexible and accommodating, a point which due to operational need has been stretched many times. The after clean report is also very thorough with pictorial evidence, that I have used to justify additional cleaning requirements.

Head Offices Maintenance Manager
Tesco Maintenance & Energy

I am pleased to confirm that we have been very satisfied with service we have received from the IT Cleaning company. They have conducted “deep cleans” in our Computer Rooms at a number of sites across England and have consistently been very professional in their approach as well as flexible to meet our specific needs.

Nigel Spate, Customer Engagement Manager
BAE Systems

I personally have used IT cleaning on a number of occasions to clean our modular secure computer rooms that we provide for the security of hardware. The work force have exceeded themselves in there attention to detail whilst cleaning the rooms along with very good health and safety procedures and are always very polite and assist where possible. I would recommend them highly as a very professional company.

Chris Wellfair, Projects Director

IT Cleaning have been cleaning our broadcast equipment and space since 2013. The operation is very professional with outstanding results. IT Cleaning are able to fit around our requirements. There MD is very knowledgeable regarding broadcast equipment, he is often able to show us effective solutions to difficult cleaning issues.

Annon large UK broadcaster.

Hi Stephen,

That’s great thank you. May I also take this opportunity to convey my thanks to you and your team, for doing such an excellent job, you were all a pleasure to deal with, and nothing was a problem for you. I think you should all be proud of your professional service and attention to detail, we are very pleased with the works you have done for us. I’m more than sure we will welcome you back in future.

Data Centre Lead North East England.

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