Broadcast Cleaning: Technical Cleaning

IT Cleaning Ltd. have started using 3G Medical Sanitiser to sanitise our Broadcast, Technical Cleaning customers, equipment and rooms. Studios, Galleries, Edit Suites, Playouts, Radio Studios etc. 3G Medical has efficacy data, to prove it kills Coronaviruses along with many other viruses. It is a PH neutral product, which is important to IT Cleaning from many reasons, including health and safety. 3G Medical manufacture in the U.K. and this is important to IT Cleaning Ltd. Originally we used 70/30 IPA, this started to react (discolouring) with some of the equipment and we felt we had to stop. ” Broadcast rooms are cleaned as normal, using vacuums, tack wipes etc. we then wipe all accessible surfaces with 3G Medical Sanitiser. The product is not suitable for screens , as these smear.”. Stephen Yates Director.

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