Broadcast Cleaning Covid-19

IT Cleaning Ltd have invested in a fogging machine (water mist machine), for the cleaning of  Broadcast Environments, after suspected Covid-19 infection. We are able to offer a full fogging/misting service using a 1:24 dilution (deionized water) of a broad spectrum disinfectant, which, is effective against a wide range of viruses, and bacteria – full information can be given on request. The chemical is delivered as a fine water mist with droplets at 5.0µm (micron). This effectively kills all airborne, and any surface virus present in the room. After the droplets have settled we vacuum, and wipe to remove any reside.

“I understand some of you may be a little shocked, to think a water mist, can be used around live electronic equipment. Well this is not too shocking, as a number of Apps Rooms we clean, use water mist, as the fire suppressant, instead of gas”.  

For information please contact Stephen Yates on to discuss.

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