Broadcast Technical Cleaning Services

Broadcasting Technical Cleaning

With customers like BBC, Red Bee Media, MTV, ITV, ITN, and more IT Cleaning Ltd has a wide range of experience cleaning facilities within the broadcast industry.Technical Cleaning,Technical Room Cleaning, Broadcasting Services Cleaning. Cleaning rooms like Studio’s, Gallery’s, MCR, PCR, Sound.

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Outside Broadcast Vehicle Cleaning

The cleaning of outside broadcast vehicles is offered by IT Cleaning Ltd.’s as part of its Broadcast Technical Cleaning service. IT Cleaning Ltd. have cleaned these for a number of broadcasters. The vehicles are packed with technical equipment like sound desks etc.

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Apps Room Broadcast Technical Cleaning

IT Cleaning Ltd are able to offer Apparatuses room cleaning as part of its Broadcast Technical Cleaning service. We clean all different types of Apps. Rooms. Including CAR, LAR, MAR, etc. The specification for the cleaning of these types of rooms, is the same as we use for Data Centre cleaning, as Apps rooms are similar in design, in that they are controlled environments.

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