Broadcasting Technical Cleaning

Broadcast Cleaning Covid-19

With customers like BBC, Red Bee Media, Ericsson Media, MTV, ITV, ITN, and more IT Cleaning Ltd has a wide range of experience cleaning facilities within the broadcast industry.Broadcast Technical Cleaning,Technical Cleaning, Technical Room Cleaning, Broadcasting Services Cleaning. Cleaning rooms like Studio's, Gallery's, MCR, PCR, Sound Rooms, Radio Rooms, Edit Suits, Apps Rooms, Output Rooms, MFT, Transmission Rooms, Playout rooms, Studios and all Broadcast Technical Room Cleaning, including Outside Broadcast Equipment Cleaning.

IT Cleaning Ltd have contracts for technical cleaning with a number of broadcasters in and around London, Leeds and Salford. Dust is a big problem within the broadcast environment as the equipment is always on. Static and other forces then work on the ever-present dust. This dust is very small in the range 0.5 micron to 5 micron. The main problems experiences would be, mechanical effects: These effects include obstruction of cooling airflow, interference with moving parts, abrasion, optical interference, interconnect interference, or deformation of surfaces (e.g., magnetic media) and other similar effects. IT Cleaning Ltd, clean the broadcast rooms, using HEPA filtered vacuuming, and wiping systems. Wiping with an anti-viral, anti-bacterial product, after removing the dust via our vacuums. We can also offer fogging solutions. Chemical fogging at 0.5 micron, with chemicals that kill viruses, including Covid viruses, this ensures any airborne virus is killed. We then wipe all surfaces down.

IT Cleaning Ltd offer broadcast technical cleaning in the following areas:

  • Main Control Rooms (MCR). MCR cleaning is done on a 3 monthly cycle removing dust from the room and the equipment.
  • Production Control Rooms (PCR/Galleries,transmission suits,playout etc) PCR cleaning is done on the same cycle as the MCR and includes all equipment and the room.
  • TV Gallery's
  • TV Studios
  • Self Ops
  • Multimedia Studio's
  • Multimedia Gallerys
  • Clip Studio's
  • Cubicles
  • Radio Studio's
  • MFT cleaning is done twice per year. .
  • Media Manager Desk, Graphic Suites, Telekinc and so on are done on 2 clean a year cycle. 
  • Edit Suites cleaning is performed twice per year.
  • Avids are cleaned twice per year.
  • Apps rooms cleaning is done once a year.
  • Broadcast equipment cleaning: We also offer bespoke and one of cleaning of equipment.
  • Outside Broadcast Vehicles including articulated vehicles. 

We have recently cleaned a large Apps room after a contamination incident the room and all equipment needed to be decontaminated. Equipment like Db hawk eye, Axon synapse, Eqx evertz, Thomson rd3000 and more.

We have recently cleaned a number of articulated and fixed Outside Broadcast vehicles for a large UK broadcaster. 

All of our clients in this market have said that the technical cleaning has reduced breakdowns and down time. If required we are able to supply Broadcast Engineers to check equipment after the clean to ensure it is working etc...

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