Data Centre Cleaning; Contamination.

Rockwool: IT Cleaning Ltd have recently been called in to clean a data hall, which had been contaminated with Rockwool. The product had been left in the airflow and over time, disintegrated and was blown into the data hall. This is very worrying when you understand what Rockwool is made of. “Basically, Rock Wool is a stone based product made of Lava, below is what Rockwools website says”.  “When this product breaks down, in the airflow, it makes a very abrasive dust”. Stephen Yates. 

” ROCKWOOL is a stone-based insulation. It is sourced from abundant lava deposits of volcanic rocks which are melted in a cupola furnace like a controlled man-made volcano. As the re-melted lava comes out of the furnace, it is spun, given water repellency treatment and bound together in a wool-like fleece.” 

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