Data Centre Cleaning Services

Data Centre Cleaning – Server Room Cleaning

IT Cleaning Ltd specialise in the Data Centre Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning, Communication Room Cleaning, Computer Room Cleaning and other IT infrastructure. Cleaning the room and the equipment within the room. Where possible we will clean these rooms to ISO 14644-1 2015.

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Data Centre Cleaning Standard ISO 14644-1 Class 8

Believe it or not, there are data centre cleaning standards, based on the international standards for cleanroom, clean zones and controlled environment (Data Rooms are controlled environments) ISO 14644-1. The ISO 14644-1 2015.

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Internal Server Equipment Cleaning

IT Cleaning Ltd are often asked to carry out internal server equipment cleaning, internal comms equipment cleaning, internal data equipment cleaning, tape libraries, switches etc. This is most often needed when a server equipment, comms equipment, data equipment,switch or library has been.

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Data Centre Post Construction Cleaning

After construction your data centre, data room or comms room will be contaminated with submicron particles caused by the construction activities. Prior to accepting the data centre, data room or comms room you should ensure your contractor has the room cleaned.

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Zinc Whiskers Remediation

Are you having unexplained hardware failures – particularly disk drives and power supplies? Are you having unexplained data corruption problems? Do your problems get more frequent or severe after you move equipment or work in the underfloor?

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PC, Telephone, Peripheral Cleaning.

IT Cleaning Ltd carry out PC cleaning, computer cleaning, telephone cleaning, printer cleaning and other peripheral items

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