Data Room Floor Cleaning

November 2016: 1400m2 Data Room Floor clean and shine with no emulsion polish in site.

IT Cleaning Ltd have recently completed a 1400m2 new floor cleaning in a Data Centre in London. No Emulsion Polish in site….

The client required the floor to be cleaned and shined but specifically required no emulsion polish to be used. IT Cleaning Ltd used high speed buffers with a floor cleaning chemical, a spray and buff system. This achieved the required specification to alls satisfaction. The control of dust was achieved by utilising our 0.3micron Air-Scrubbers which filter the air to 0.3 micron ensuring any dust made airborne is filtered.

IT Cleaning try to never use emulsion floor polish in data halls, we advise all our clients not to use them.

“In my opinion emulsion polish should never be used in data halls, the polish contains chemicals like ethanol this and other Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). VOC’s should not be taken into a data centre. There has been a lot written about the effect of VOC’s when they come into contact with electronic equipment.” Stephen Yates Director.

” One must also remember emulsion polish can breakdown (chip and flake) we have found flakes of emulsion polish on the front of and inside servers. This is very worrying for data centre managers if the cost of a shiny floor is contamination of IT Equipment”. “I would always suggest not using emulsion polish” Stephen Yates.

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