In House or Specialist Cleaners?

“ I am often ask why a specialist data centre, server/comms room cleaning company is needed. Well it is not, you could use your in house cleaning company, to carry out the cleaning if you preferred. However, there are a few things to consider prior to allowing this:

1. Do they have the correct type of insurance, general cleaning insurance will not cover them for damage/downtime in your data hall, server/comms room. Especially if they have not told there insurer what they are doing.

2. Do the cleaners have an understanding of the intricacy’s within the cleaning environment. EPO’s, cabling, VESDA to mention a few.

3. Do they have the correct equipment for the job. HEPA filters, Air Scrubbers, Air Particulate readers, Antistatic vacuum tools etc, are all required.

4. Do they have the correct chemicals for the job in hand. This is important, the use of an incorrect product can cause lots of, often unseen issues and damage. Example, any chlorine based products, will put chlorine gaseous particles into the air, either via evaporation, or when sprayed onto cloths. This sound innocuous, and on the face of it, it is. However, these particles will find their way, via the air flow, into your servers and switches and onto the PCB, where they will increase any copper or silver creep. This is copper/silver corrosion, which over time, will cause irreversible damage and could render the equipment unusable.

In my opinion; just these four point alone, would make it essential that you used a professional technical cleaning company. Who have experience of cleaning these environments.”

IT Cleaning Ltd have 22 years experience in Specialist Technical Cleaning in many technical environments 

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