IT Equipment Protection

IT Cleaning have successfully protected two large Robot Tape Library for one of our Broadcast/Media Customers.

Our Customer required us to offer a solution for the protection of a very large archive housed in two Tape Library’s during construction/refurbishment. The work was to divided the room into two, add new power and ACU. Using our ProtectIT system we were able to enclose the equipment and then utilising our 0.3µm (micron) air scrubbers we pressurised the enclosure to ensure no dust could enter the enclosure as air is exiting the enclosure. Access to the enclosure is via zip doors. We had to provide cooling within the enclosure. We needed to utilise Data Loggers to ensure we could remotely monitor the temperature in the enclosure. We also needed to monitor the air particulate level within the enclosure, this proved no dust was getting into the space. The protection was erected on 1st June and remained in place until 11th October when all work was finished. The work area was then cleaned to ISO 14644-1 2015.

“The job was a total success with no dust entering the enclosure, and equipment continuing to work throughout the work. Both our client and the construction company were very happy with the whole process” Stephen Yates MD 

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