Our Clients: This is a sample of our clients base.


Cleaning of equipment in VCR and VCF at various locations across the U.K. IT Cleaning Ltd clean the equipment live in an operational situation.  "as you can imagine this is a very difficult environment to clean IT equipment in" Stephen Yates MD.


External and Internal cleaning for IT Equipment within UK power stations. "IT Cleaning Ltd strip the equipment down clean then reassemble"


Technical Cleaning of Apps room and Playout. Also ITProtect protection of Apps room equipment during the removal of a wall.

News UK

IT Cleaning Ltd clean the data rooms at New UK

Premier League

Data Room and PC cleaning for the best football league in the world.


Data Room, Server Room cleaning for various NHS Trusts including The Royal Free, Southend and Birmingham Hospitals.


Data Centre Cleaning for this IT Company.

Virgin Media

Media equipment and apparatuses room cleaning.

Tesco Ltd

I have been using IT cleaning for 6 years in the IT equipment areas of 20 year old legacy data centres, from underfloor to high level.  They have continually provided a high quality clean at cost effective price.  I have always found them to be flexible and accommodating, a point which due to operational need has been stretched many times.  The after clean report is also very thorough with pictorial evidence, that I have used to justify additional cleaning requirements.

Head Offices Maintenance Manager, Tesco Maintenance & Energy

BAE Systems Insyte

"I am pleased to  confirm that we have been very satisfied with service we have received from the IT Cleaning company. They have conducted "deep cleans" in our Computer Rooms at a number of sites across England and have consistently been very professional in their approach as well as flexible to meet our specific needs.”
Nigel Spate, Customer Engagement Manager, BAE Systems

Greenwich University

Data Centre cleaning and Communication room cleaning at this seat of learning.

Royal Bank of Canada

Data Room Cleaning for this bank.

VAscent Media

Technical Cleaning for data rooms, comms rooms across UK.

Daisy Communications

Data Centre Ceaning, in Reading and Manchester for this award winning data warehousing company.


PC cleaning and telephone cleaning.

Secure IT Environments Ltd

"I personally have used IT cleaning on a number of occasions to clean our modular secure computer rooms that we provide for the security of hardware. The work force have exceeded themselves in there attention to detail whilst cleaning the rooms along with very good health and safety procedures and are always very polite and assist where possible. I would recommend them highly as a very professional company." Chris Wellfair, Projects Director

Centrica Ltd

Due to our high level of clearance and expertise IT Cleaning was chosen to clean PC's and WIDs at these sensitive locations.

Red Bee Media

Media equipment at BBC White City.


Technical Cleaning Data Rooms and A.V. Rooms at The Crystal for this large corporation.


Data Room and PC cleaning at various sites for this large Facilities Management Company.

Coventry University

Server room cleaning at this educational site.


Data Centre Cleaning and Server Room Cleaning, for this colo data centre operator.

Syngenta Ltd

Server Room Cleaning and Comms Room Cleaning of this research organisations.

Government Organisations

We clean many government sites including a National Contract with 11000 PC's. All of our staff are SC cleared to allow for working on these sites.


A full range of technical cleaning which includes the cleaning of Galleries, Edit Suites and other technical areas linked to Television production, as well as PC on desks.