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Data Centre Cleaning

IT Cleaning Ltd specialise in the Data Centre Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning, Communication Room Cleaning, Computer Room Cleaning and other IT infrastructure. Cleaning the room and the equipment within the room. Where possible we will clean these rooms to ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8 or better plus all accessible surfaces free from dust (glove test). This specification is based on the interrnational standards for clean rooms, clean zone and controlled environments.We use the best equipment and processes available including HEPA filtered Vacuums and Air Scrubbers. We also utilise micro fibre wiping systems.   

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Data Centre Cleaning Standard: ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8 is the standard

Believe it or not, there are data centre cleaning standards, based on the international standards for cleanroom, clean zones and controlled environment (Data Rooms are controlled environments) ISO 14644-1. The ISO 14644-1 2015 series of standards (14644-1 to 14644-12) are a series of documents that establish various classifications for cleanliness as well as methods for testing compliance, test methods, design/constructions/start up considerations, and others. IT Cleaning Ltd Specification is ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8 or better plus all accesible surfaces free from dust. ISO 14644-1 1999 has been withdrawn and replaced by ISO 14644-1 2015 the changes are described click here

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Protecting IT Equipment

One of the biggest sources of particulate (dust) contamination of IT equipment is dust created during refurbishment work. The dust created is very abrasive and therefore very damaging to moving parts of the server i.e. fans etc. Construction dust is produced in vast quantities and is very small (0.3μm (0.0003 of a mm) micron and up). This dust will quickly block airways causing overheating. Contractors often fail to effectively protect your mission critical equipment. This is due to the contractors lack of appreciation of how small these sub-micron particles are, and how they behave.

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Contamination Control Tiles (Tak Mats)

IT Cleaning Ltd can supply ITDecom tiles, which actively remove particulate (dust) from feet, wheels and anything else that comes into contact with the surface. Utilising Van De- Waals force the dust is attracted to the surface and then held there.

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Internal Server Equipment Cleaning

IT Cleaning Ltd are often asked to carry out internal server equipment cleaning, internal comms equipment cleaning, internal data equipment cleaning, tape libraries, switches etc. This is most often needed when a server equipment, comms equipment, data equipment,switch or library has been subjected to large amounts of dust, often from construction activities like drilling, whilst the equipment is running. It has been proven that dust build up inside the equipment causes an increase in heat which requires the internal fans to work harder using more power. Research suggest a 2% increase in power use.

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Technical Cleaning (Broadcasting)

With customers like BBC, Red Bee Media, MTV, ITV, ITN, and more IT Cleaning Ltd has a wide range of experience cleaning facilities within the broadcast industry.Technical Cleaning,Technical Room Cleaning, Broadcasting Services Cleaning. Cleaning rooms like Studio's, Gallery's, MCR, PCR, Sound Rooms, Radio Rooms, Edit Suits, Apps Rooms, Output Rooms, MFT, Transmission Rooms, Playout rooms, Studios and all Technical Room Cleaning.

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PC Cleaning

IT Cleaning Ltd carry out PC cleaning, computer cleaning, telephone cleaning, printer cleaning and other peripheral items.

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Data Centre Post Construction Cleaning

After construction your data centre, data room or comms room will be contaminated with submicron particles caused by the construction activities. Prior to accepting the data centre, data room or comms room you should ensure your contractor has the room cleaned. The current accepted (best practise) specification for this is "Room to be cleaned to ISO 14644-1 1999 Class 8 plus all accessible surfaces free from dust"

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Zinc Whiskers

Are you having unexplained hardware failures – particularly disk drives and power supplies?

Are you having unexplained data corruption problems?

Do your problems get more frequent or severe after you move equipment or work in the underfloor?

Have you installed the latest lightning fast server or CPU only to find it doesn’t seem as reliable as your old legacy system?

You may have Zinc Whisker contamination in your data centre. If you are worried contact us we can help

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