Outside Broadcast Technical Cleaning

Outside Broadcast Vehicle Cleaning

“Contamination has been the indirect cause of more IT downtime than all the fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and disgruntled employees combined.” – Jon William Toigo, Disaster Recovery Planning, Third Edition. 

OB Technical Cleaning.

The cleaning of outside broadcast (OB) vehicles is offered by IT Cleaning Ltd.’s as part of its Broadcast Technical Cleaning service. IT Cleaning Ltd. have cleaned these for a number of broadcasters. The vehicles are packed with technical equipment like sound desks etc. This equipment get very dusty, especially at some locations like Glastonbury, IOW etc. The specification for the cleaning of the operational parts of the vehicles, is all accessible surfaces to be free from dust, debris and removable marks. This includes ceilings, walls, all equipment, chairs and floors, which can be cleaned with a carpet cleaner. What is cleaned can be specific and agreed prior to the cleaning. We do not clean the exterior of the vehicle. IT Cleaning have cleaned all types of OB vehicles from articulated 45m trailers to small news gathering vans.

IT Cleaning Ltd. have cleaned these in the depots or on location, the cleaners very much enjoy the locations, as they get to go to the venue for free.

Stephen Yates MD
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