Protecting IT Equipment Services

Protecting IT Equipment ProtectIT

One of the biggest sources of particulate (dust) contamination of IT equipment is dust created during refurbishment work. The dust created is very abrasive and therefore very damaging to moving parts of the server i.e. fans etc. Construction dust is produced in vast quantities and is very small.

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Contamination Control Tiles (Tak Mats)

IT Cleaning Ltd can supply ITDecom tiles, which actively remove particulate (dust) from feet, wheels and anything else that comes into contact with the surface. Utilising Van De- Waals force the dust is attracted to the surface and then held there.

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Airborne Particulate Matter Survey

Using a calibrated Solair 5100+ air particulate reader, IT Cleaning are able to sample the air within your critical environment, to determine what size particles are within the air.

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Particulate Matter Survey & Reporting

IT Cleaning Ltd are able to facilitate laboratory analysis of particulate matter (PM), dust, to determine what the dust is and therefore what the source of the dust might be. We are able to collect samples of the settled PM using a vacuum cleaner with new bags, this bag is then sent to the lab for its contents to be analysed.

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Laboratory Services

IT Cleaning Ltd are able to arrange for a number of laboratory services, for more information click read more…

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