Technical Broadcast Cleaning UV-C Air Scrubber.

IT Cleaning Ltd, have teamed up with Genesis Advance to investigated the use of UV-C air scrubbers within our technical cleaning broadcast sector. These units filter and sterilise 960m3 of air per hour. The air is draw into the unit via a powerful, but quite fan (45 dBa), through an initial F9 filter (1 to 10 micron). The air then moves to a UV-C chamber with 440 watt of UV-c lamps, this kills all viruses and bacteria. The air is then expelled through a 0.3 micron HEPA filter (H13). This air is now clean of particulate including VOC’s and impotently free from virus and bacteria. The unit also monitors the rooms temperature, humidity, Particulate Matter (PM at 2.5 and 10 micron) and the level of Volatile Organise Compound particles present. This is all visible by a 3.2mm touch screen.

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