Technical Cleaning Server Internal

Recently IT Cleaning were call into a construction site in London. The usual problem had occurred the contractors said they would protect the IT equipment. The problem is contractors fail to understand how small the particles (dust) they are creating is. Normally 0.3, 0.5, 1.0 and 5.0 micron, these are produced in vast quantities by construction activity. These particles have very little mass so gravity has very little affect on them, gravity is mass x 9.807 m/s² on earth. So these particles are free to travel via whatever force has the biggest effect on them, air movement, static etc. The inevitable happened and the IT equipment was contaminated. As you can see very badly contaminated. This voided the warranty of this new equipment. IT Cleaning technically cleaned the server so that it worked again. IT Cleaning Ltd have a solution to this we call it ProtectIT. This system encloses the equipment then using our 0.3 micron air scrubbers we create a positive pressure ensuring the dust can not enter the enclosure.

Cleaning Contaminated Servers Internally.
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