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Data Centre Cleaning Covid-19

Data Centre Cleaning Post Covid-19 

IT Cleaning Ltd specialise in Controlled Environment Cleaning for Data Centre Cleaning Services, Data Centre Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning, Communication Room Cleaning, Computer Room Cleaning, Comms Room Cleaning and other IT infrastructure Cleaning. Cleaning the room and the equipment within the room. Where possible we will clean these mission critical rooms to ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8 or better, plus all accessible surfaces free from dust (glove test). This is currently best practice for the cleaning of Data Centre’s, Data Rooms, Comms Rooms etc. After the clean we will certificate the data centre, data room, comms room to ISO 14644-3. This specification (ISO 14644) is based on the international standards for clean rooms, clean zone and controlled environments, a Data Centre / Data Room is a controlled environment (A controlled environment, also known as a critical environment, is a space with precisely regulated environmental factors. Air temperature, temperature, and humidity are regulated to meet operational needs, and the critical area is isolated from other operations within the facility). We use the best equipment and processes available including HEPA filtered Vacuums and Air Scrubbers. Air Scrubbers are HEPA Filtered to remove particulate from the air to 0.3 micron, so dust made airborne by us during cleaning is filtered out. Therefore, it can not re-contaminate the data room, equipment etc. This is essential if ISO 14644 Class 8 is to be achieved in Data Centre Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning. IT Cleaning Ltd utilise micro fibre and tacky wiping systems during Data Centre Cleaning. IT Cleaning Ltd are able to use video camera technology when data room cleaning, allowing us to get into hard to see places and remove dust safely. For further information see the bottom of this page or contact Stephen Yates 07810 893218

As stated above whenever possible IT Cleaning will use the following specification for data centre cleaning, server room cleaning, data room cleaning and comms room cleaning. ISO 14644-1 Class 8 or better plus all accessible surfaces to be free from dust. This specification is based on ISO 14644-1 2015 which is as stated an international standard for clean rooms, clean zones and controlled environment, data rooms are controlled environments. After the clean we will carry out validation in line with ISO 14644-3 2015 using a Solair 5100+ particulate tester. Based on these results we will then issue a certificate of conformity. These certificates are invaluable during internal and external audits. For an example of our report and certificate of conformity follow here. The Certificate is valid for one year from date of issue.

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