IT Equipment Protection

IT Cleaning Ltd have protected IT equipment at a fashion house. Using out IT Equipment Protection System (ProtectIT) we have enclosed and pressurised two sets of racks in our clients Data Room. This was to allow the installation of a fire protection system, this entailed cutting holes in walls to allow for the fitting of a pressure relief valve and lots of drilling. To protect the IT Equipment from this construction type dust is very important. Silica based particulate is very damaging to IT Equipment.  The protection of It Equipment during construction and refurbishment is very important.

“Using our IT Equipment Protection System, ProtectIT we are able to enclose and pressurise the enclosure using our 0.3µm Air Scrubbers. These Air Scrubbers filter 2500m3 of air per hour per unit, so also remove the airborne particulate during the drilling and cutting. We have been using this system to Protect IT Equipment for a number of years and it is always a success, this IT Equipment Protection System truly Protects IT Equipment, during construction and refurbishment works” Stephen Yates MD

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