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Trading since May 2002 (18 Years) IT Cleaning Limited are a nationwide specialists (with offices in London and Swindon) in the cleaning and contamination management of IT equipment and infrastructure only. From, Data Centre Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning, Comms Room Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning, Machine Room Cleaning, Data Center Cleaning, Computer Room Cleaning, Controlled Environment Cleaning, Clinical Cleaning, Technical Cleaning, Broadcast Technical Cleaning to PC Cleaning and IT Equipment Cleaning we are accredited to ISO 14644-1 2015, which is current best practice for Data Centres Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning and Comms Room Cleaning. Making IT Cleaning Ltd the technical cleaning experts to choose. We also offer Technical Cleaning to the broadcast industry with many of the large broadcasters using IT Cleaning Ltd. 

IT Cleaning Ltd: Are continuing to work during the current lockdown, utilising social distancing, and other safe guards to ensure our and others safety. We have also teamed up with UV-Tech, and can now offer UV-C sterilization.  For information contact Stephen Yates.

Data Centre Cleaning Covid-19

Broadcast Cleaning Covid-19

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COVID-19 Data Centre Man-Trap-Doors. 



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