Contamination Control Tiles (Tak Mats)

Contamination Control Tiles (Tak mats): Stop Dust at the DOOR.

“Contamination has been the indirect cause of more IT downtime than all the fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and disgruntled employees combined.” – Jon William Toigo, Disaster Recovery Planning, Third Edition. 

IT Cleaning Ltd can supply ITDecom tiles, which actively remove particulate (dust) from feet, wheels and anything else that comes into contact with the surface. Utilising Van De- Waals force the dust is attracted to the surface and then held there.

These tiles are not sticky unlike Tak Mats. They are big enough for a person to take 3 or 4 steps on, do not require any peeling and are unavoidable, again unlike Tack Mats. ITDecom tiles are made to the same specification as your existing tiles. ITDecom tiles are the most effective way of controlling the ingress of all forms of footborne and wheelborne contamination into your server room etc.

We recommend ITDecom Tiles be used in Server Rooms, Data Centre’s, Communication Rooms and any other critical IT environment entrances that are subject to pedestrian and wheeled traffic. Once these rooms are clean ITDecom tiles should be fitted inside the door to reduce the amount of footborne contamination that can re-

enter the room. ITDecom tiles are cost effective when viewed against other types of contamination control mats and are guaranteed for 3 years. However with good maintenance they have a life-expectancy of 4 years. They are also more user friendly than other contamination control mats. A person can walk normally over this mat and it will do the job of removing the particulate (Dust). Other mats require you to place both feet on them before walking off.

Other benefits include electrical resistivity of 10-8 Ohms, which is anti-static. This means that they will remove static from anything which comes into contact with the surface.

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“Perhaps the most important step to take to control contamination, is to contract with a reputable computer room maintenance company, to perform routine cleaning”. John William Toigo, Disaster Recovery Planning Third Addition.

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