Channel Partners

IT Cleaning Ltd have relationships with many suppliers and service providers who service Data Centres etc. Some of these may be able to help you with your requirments. To visit any of the below's websites click on their logo.

Ultra Violet Technology Ltd  

IT Cleaning Ltd, use UV-Tech for the sanitization cleaning with UV-C of Broadcast environment, Office Areas, Data Centres, Comms Rooms and IT Equipment. This is a none damaging why of killing viruses and bacteria. For further information click here



We have had a relationship with Data Clean for about 14 years. Indeed we work for them in the U.K. for their worldwide clients that are based in the U.K. If you require cleaning outside of U.K. these should be your first port of call.


IT Cleaning Ltd have helped Countrywide understand the issues around pest control within a Data Centre Environment. We would recommend Countrywide in you Data Centre. For Data Centre Pest Control.


IT Cleaning Ltd Are now partnering cleaning company’s working in UAE providing validation and certification of ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8 data to enable the companies in UAE to supply Certificates and reports to their Data Centre clients in Jorden, Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc. Our 7 page certificate/report document carries there logo and ITC. This was seen as a requirement by the companies above to show the data has been independently validated.  

Data centres are at the heart of any business IT capability. Independent of their respective sizes, high availability and peak performance are required all-day, every-day. As networks are designed, deployed, scaled up, and replaced, infrastructure managers are struggling to keep pace because of complex architectures and operations processes. You can solve these challenges and meet the expanding needs of cloud architectures with our data center solutions. Our extensive knowledge and expertise, coupled with high performance network connectivity and a centrally managed physical infrastructure support you in reducing deployment time, minimizing unplanned outages and infrastructure management costs. This increases time available for strategic activities and ensures an automatically documented delivery process.

Secure I.T. Environments Ltd is an independent Data Centre Design and Build provider with extensive experience providing secure I.T. accommodation across both Private and Public sectors.

We provide a variety of I.T. environments from "room shell" only through to "total solutions" packages, working with organisations to advise, design and implement the most cost effective and energy efficient data centre solution for your design. For more information

IT Cleaning Ltd carry out the cleaning of Secure IT Environments  to ISO 14644-1 2015 plus all accessible surfaces free from dust, prior to the facility being handed to the client. This way Secure IT Environments ensure the room is ready for the client.

Alfresco UK Ltd is a specialist commercial window cleaning company based in Didcot, Oxfordshire. We work with a wide variety of clients both locally and further afield in areas such as Berkshire, Wiltshire and London. In addition to windows we also provide other commercial property maintenance services including cladding and facade cleaning.

Alfresco UK Ltd provide a range of solutions for clients involved in building cleaning and cladding, to industry consultants, facility managers, architects and commercial and industrial property owners.

As a professional and reliable Oxfordshire based commercial window cleaning company, our aim is to provide a service that cleans and restores the look and appearance of your property. Cleaning of building facades will increase the appearance of building giving a better return if the building it for sale/to let.

IT Cleaning Ltd use Alfresco to clean and restore cladding, carry out window cleaning, gutter cleaning, power washing etc on Data Centres. We have also used them for high level access cleaning.

Puffin Solutions has been providing data network cabling services to some of the world’s most demanding industries since 2008. Many of our customers chose us because we can provide the same reliable, high-quality service they receive in the UK to their sites overseas.

Our company ethos and work ethic are simple: by creating a caring, people-oriented working culture, we’ve attracted and retained the best skills available. Puffin Solutions’ reputation for technical excellence and swift customer service has fuelled its growth, enabling well-targeted inward investment, despite sometimes adverse market forces.

We have a track record of rising to extremely technical challenges and producing robust, future- proof solutions. Every member of our workforce has the qualifications and training to perform their individual role to the highest standard. Puffin Solutions can offer a number of services from Cabeling to cold isle containment for a full service offering click SERVICES 

IT Cleaning Ltd are called in by Puffin Solutions to carry out Data Centre Cleaning to ISO 14644-1 2015 after Puffin Solutions Ltd have finished there instalation/cabelling etc. We have also provided Puffin Solutions with protection systems to protect live equipment during  Installation etc.

Carrino Access Flooring specialise in the supply and installation of all types of Access Flooring (also known as raised access flooring, computer flooring, modular flooring or suspended flooring). Access floors provide a solution to the management of IT, mains, and phone cables, data and computer cabling and HVAC services in new or existing buildings. We can supplie all types of access tile old and new.

IT Cleaning Ltd  use Carrino to supply access tiles when needed in all sorts of locations. Recently tiles from 1989 were replicated by Carrino.